Nov. 20 – Utilization-focused evaluation: a review of the approach, its merits and its hidden challenges

Monday November 20, 2017 • 6:30-8:30pm @ 10C, 42 Carden St. Guelph

This session will provide evaluation practitioners who are new to UFE with its basic principles and steps. For those already familiar with this approach, the unexpected benefits and hidden challenges will be revealed.  The session will draw on several case studies and articles reporting on UF evaluations completed recently both in Canada and internationally.  The presentation will draw from Michael Quinn Patton’s 2008 UFE book, and from a shorter guide prepared under DEC-2: an IDRC-funded project in capacity development in evaluation and communication.

This will be a Power-Point-free event with a handout and plenty of room for discussion. Participants are encouraged to read additional materials from the DECI-2 website.

This session will be led by Ricardo Ramírez, an independent researcher and consultant based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. His consulting and research work includes communication planning, participatory evaluation and capacity development. His doctoral work focused on how rural and remote communities harness information and communication technology. He is co-author of Communication for another development: Listening before telling (Zed Books, London 2009) and co-author of Utilization-focused evaluation: A Primer for evaluators (Southbound, Penang, 2013).

Ricardo is a credentialed evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society), holds a BSc. in Crop Science (Guelph), a Masters in Adult Education (St. F.X) and an Inter-disciplinary PhD in Rural Studies (Guelph). He is on the Board of, the Guelph Renewable Energy Cooperative (GRECo), and the International Support Group (

RSVP – please note that seating is limited… if you’re able to attend, please register through: Eventbrite

Location: 10C, 42 Carden Street – Heritage Room, 2nd Floor (elevator access available)

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