February 2016 Guelph Evaluation Café Meeting

Own your success and dump that imposter!

time: 7.00-8.30 pm
date: Thursday February 25th
location (updated): HumanSystems® Incorporated, Granary Building, 111 Farquhar Street

  • You’re experienced and competent in your skills, right?
  • You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career, correct?
  • You’re a professional and you take your work seriously, yes?

So why might you sometimes doubt your abilities? What makes you feel that you’re some kind of fraud, that your performance is a sham and that others are more deserving of success?

Join us on Feb 25 for a lively discussion on the topic of Imposter Syndrome. Impostor syndrome refers to a collection of feelings of inadequacy that most people – even very accomplished and skilled people – have experienced at one point or another, even though their actual accomplishments clearly tell a story of success.

We’ll explore what imposter syndrome is, how it can contribute to undermining your abilities as an evaluator, and ways to recognize and deal with this phenomenon. We’ll also look at how this phenomenon relates to the Canadian Evaluation Society competencies for practice and we’ll have a few professionals speak about their personal experience and how they faced down the imposter!

Event slides:



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